About “Tanasha Donna”

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Her full name is Tanasha Donna Barbier Oketch. Tanasha was born in the year 1995 on 7th July. She is aged 25 years as of the year 2021. She is a Kenyan Luo by Tribe, though a half cast. After she turned 11 years of age, her parents moved with her to Italy and she came back to Kenya at the age of 20. Tanasha is a Kenyan entrepreneur who has taken roots in modelling and fashion industry. Her proficiency in English and other foreign languages made her secure a job at NRG radio. She has been working here since early 2018. Donna is also a video vixen due to her alluring beauty. Earlier 2020, Tanasha and her husband Diamond Patinumz released a hit song titled ‘Gere’ which became a trend on the web for a long time. The song saw more than 1 million YouTube views in less than 72 hours.