About “Show Dem Camp”

Created by FrankyLouis 1 year ago

The Show Dem Camp duo, both born in Nigeria, have a wealth of international influence having spent formative years overseas in the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam and the US collectively. While Show Dem Camp’s influences nod to the lyrical prowess of NaS and rhythmic flow of Fela Kuti, it’s the prominence of their narrative- the story of two young men who aren’t willing to compromise their truth for the sake of artificial cool points Following the resounding underground success of their street releases ‘Clone Wars Volume 1 & 2’, Show Dem Camp received critical acclaim for their debut album 2011’s ‘The Dreamer Project’, a lyrically poignant, emotionally candid musical account of the multiple journeys of dreamers- notably those wanting to escape their current circumstances through the pursuit of seemingly unattainable goals.