About “BuGsi”

Created by FrankyLouis 1 year ago

BuGsi (Birth Name, Enoch Olalude (Pronounced "Olalude")) is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, performer, and hip hop producer who is currently based in Jos, Plateau State. He has gained notoriety in the Nigerian streets as a raw and intimidating rapper. He is affiliated with other artistes such as E-Kelly, Smac, Tito Brown, Don Antonio, Leach, Efe, inter alia. He is also an extremely well-versed and formidable battle-rapper, as observed in his flawless elimination of all his opponents, and subsequent emergence as the battle champion in the UGM rap battle which was held in Jos on September 1, 2012.

BuGsi has been praised for his incredible rap speed (particularly for the fact that his rap speed is currently unmatched in the country), combined with his complicated rhyme schemes, intelligent lyrics (which rap critics describe as "wicked punch lines") and charming flow which captures the hearts of listeners.

He started rapping to songs by Eminem, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Twista when he was ten years old and he cites “The Eminem Show” as his favorite music album of all time. His interest in music began to develop at the very tender age of eight when he started writing songs containing rhymes he saw in church hymnals and those he heard from cartoon shows. His favorite character was Bugs Bunny, Which is a tidbit of how he got his stage name.