Top Songs You Should Listen To From 2003

by Dikos Nestaa


1. Olufunmi by Styl- Plus

This song is a love song by the boy band group Styl-Plus. This song was about a girl (Olufunmi) who wanted out of a relationship but the guy was assuring her that there was no reason to leave.

2. Madam by Azadus

In this song, Azadus was asking his lover why she left and reminiscing their time together.

3. Oruka by Sunny Neji

This is a classic wedding song for all times. ‘Oruka’ means ring. In the song, it signified the wedding ring or band which joins the husband and wife. It told a story of when couples get married, the significance and its implications which means they were leaving everything and everyone they knew to begin their new lives as a married couple. 

4. Danfo Driver by Mad Melon and Mountain Black 

This song was for the streets, Mad Melon and Mountain Black to this day are referred to as 'Danfo Drivers'. 'Danfo' is what Lagosians call the public yellow buses that convey Lagosians to and fro.

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