Top Seven African Hits Of 1999

by Dikos Nestaa


Before the new wave of Afrobeats music, there were records that rocked back in time.  

These songs were the rave of the moment, they were popular and made so much impact in defining the sound we have now across all musical genres. 

Let’s take a look at records that rocked the airwaves in 1999. 

1. “Mo So Rire” by Paul Play Dairo  

Paul Play is the son of the legendary IK Dairo, he decided to remix one of his father’s old songs and put a modern twist on the evergreen Highlife music. “Mo So Rire” is a Yoruba song which means, ‘I am Fortunate’.   

2. “Omode Meta N Sere” by Tony Tetuila feat. Plantashun Boiz, Ruff Rugged ‘N’ Raw’  

If you lived in Nigeria in 1999, you would be familiar with the gold-haired Tony Tetuila. On this track, Tetuila had some of the hottest artists in the industry like Plantashun Boiz ( Tuface & Black Face) and Ruff Rugged ‘N’ Raw (B-Rite, Hangman and Jay Gangsta).  

This song is actually Nigeria’s first rap diss track  and it was directed to “The Remedies”, Tony Tetuila’s former group. The group comprised of Tony Tetuila, Eddy Remedy and Eedris Abdulkareem.  

“Omode Meta N Sere” means ‘Three children are playing’, which represented the three artists on The Remedies.  

3. “Nibo Lawa Gbe Lo” by Maintain 

The ’90s had a thing for groups. Maintain (Olu Maintain & Tolu) was another music group that ruled the late 90’s.  

The group released “Nibo Lawa Gbe Lo” to paid homage to their city, Ibadan fused with a hilarious tale of the struggle to hook up to have a date while driving with a rickety car. 

4. “You and I” by Plantashun Boiz 

There’s no doubt Plantashun Boiz was the best thing to happen to Nigeria’s RnB. This song gave RnB a lift in the music industry. Talk about the Westlife and Backstreet Boys of the ’90s. 

5.  “Shakomo” by The Remedies 

“Shakomo” was the debut song for The Remedies in 1999. This song was widely accepted and became an instant classic.  

6. “Nomakhanjani” by Brenda Fassi 

Released in 1999 by Brenda Fassie, the song “Nomakhanjani” was, and still is, one of her best songs. 

7. “Todii (What Shall We Do?)” by Oliver Mtukudzi 

This song by Oliver Mtukudzi was aimed at spreading the awareness of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. Mtukudzi is notable for his “ambassadorial role” in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention work. Todii was popular in some parts of Africa as an awareness song. The song encouraged people to know their status by getting tested. 

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1999 was lit abeg! Loved all the songs.