Top 10 Afrobeats International Collaboration Of 2019

by Dyesek Admins

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It’s the top 10 collaboration for 2019. You guys must have heard this all over the internet Afrobeats to the world, everybody is saying we are taking it to the world, we are literally showing you guys some example of how we took Afrobeats to the world we are showing you a countdown of our Afrobeat artist with an international artist from across the globe.

10. Mr Eazi Ft Tyga – Tony Montana

For real I didn’t see this collaboration coming, Tyga bringing the rap vibe and Mr Eazi is like the Mr Cool, calm and collected musician. It is a mellow track. Tyga slowing down his flow to match up with Mr Eazi’s flow of music but still, it is a great track and a good combination. 

9. Coldplay Ft Femi Kuti – Arabesque

This track is a mellow loving track, if you love Coldplay, if you love Femi Kuti music you would see the synergy and fusion. You will actually love it. It is a type of music I can pay a lot of money to see. This song is talking about the unity in music which is what Afrobeat is supposed to be doing. 

8. Patoranking Ft Beta – Wilmer

I love Patoranking, he featured Beta which he has worked with in the past meaning this is not their first collaboration together. Beta is a godfather to Wilmer (his daughter) it is so interesting that the father and godfather are singing about the daughter forming like a triangle.

7 Yemi Alade Ft Rick Ross - Oh My Gosh Remix

At no. 7 it is your girl Yemi Alade with Rick Ross in “oh my gosh” remix. Both artists are sponsored by Billard (black ball champagne company) and that is how they actually got collaborated. She sent him two songs and he actually picked this one. 

6. Stormzy Ft Burna Boy And Ed Sheeran - Own It

What do you get when you take a little bit of Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy then stir it up with Stormzy in the middle you get your number 6 track.  Burna Boy was on this one and as always he brought his game, he kind of mellow it down a bit which is the Burna vibes ensuring is vocal is unstoppable, it is actually a good combination getting another song that transcended the border.

5. Davido Ft Popcaan- Risky

This jam started while he was doing his tour to United State, he stopped at the radio station DJ Whoppy show and in the show, celebrities are always put on the spot by playing a beat and telling them to freestyle to it, where Davido started freestyling with whisky which didn’t come out right and it went viral on the internet. Actually Davido in his typical way took it up and made what was laughed at to what people are dancing to, he brought lemonade out of lemon and he made it one of the biggest tracks coming out of the year. 

4. Beyonce Ft Major Lazer X Shatta Wale – Already

Obviously, at some point we had to get into the gift, this was the year of the lion king and she came and drop the album which she dropped liked it was hot and it was actually hot. This was her gift to Africa bringing in Shatta Wale from Ghana, this is a song that whenever I hear the song all I think about is all those dance studios and their group all doing their thing.

3. Dave Ft Burna Boy –Location

It is interesting how Burna Boy is starting to appear on the countdown it is coming up as number 3. This is actually Dave song featuring Burna Boy and the great thing about the video is that they actually shot from Stormzy festival and the video is actually a collection of a shot from there. I personally, I like the song, I will vibe to it but after the video, I just grew so fond of the song because they do their thing and they stop and get back to it again.

2. Davido Ft Chris Brown- Blow My Mind

Quick back story about this track, there was another artist on this track originally but somebody actually sent it from Davido camp to Chris Brown. Davido was leaving on a flight to Milan and by the time he got to million, Chris Brown had put his verse on it and at the time he heard it was the fire. Then Chris Brown flew him to Atlanta spent some couple of days then went to LA Chris Brown shot the video and boom we have it. It is great to see the collaboration between these two great artists.

 1. Beyonce Ft Saint Jhn X Wizkid

It is the no 1 track for the world basically every single continent vibe to this song. Beyonce, Wizkid and Beyonce’s daughter they killed this track, the words go beyond the lyrics of the song. Four great individuals including Saint Jhn came together to create this masterpiece. This track was played out everywhere and is still been played. Great music, great message, great tune, Wizkid killed it.

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