The Best Seven (7) Afrobeats of 2006

by Dyesek Admins

,2Baba,African China,eLDee the Don,Faze,Styl-Plus,Weird MC,,

1. Mr President by African China 

This political song was addressing the government and those in power about leading Nigeria well. 

​​2. If Love Is A Crime by 2Baba

This is a classic love song from the legendary Tuface Idibia. This song is about his lover that he's so impressed by.

3. Kolomental by Faze 

The streets went agog after Faze dropped Kolomental, he gave everyone the opportunity to display a little bit of madness while singing and dancing to the song. 

4. I Go Yarn by eLDee

This rap song was a huge political tune back then, eLDee lamented on the state of poverty in Nigeria. 

5. Ijoya by Weird MC

Weird MC came in with a bang! Ijoya was a hit and the animated video music video even made it more interesting and it gained a lot of grounds. 

6. Iya Basira by Styl-Plus

Styl-Plus told the story of a man that loved to eat at a particular canteen named “Iya Basira” and can’t seem to get enough of the place. 

7. Imagine That by Styl-Plus 

In this song, Styl-Plus recount their heartbreak experiences and how the women in their lives took a walk. 

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