The Afrobeats Fusion

by Dyesek Admins



Nigerians in Trinidad and Tobago pioneered this Afrobeats Fusion called Afrosoca. Afrosoca is a blend of Afrobeats and Soca music with mild influences from Dancehall. 

Afrosoca’s leading artistes are Olatunji, Timaya and Machel Montano. “OLA” released by Olatunji earned him the “Groovy Soca Monarch”, a prize for his performance at the International Soca Monarch competition.

Timaya teamed up with Machel Montano to release "Shake Your Bum Bum" in 2014 that took over Trinidad. 

New York-based choreographer, Shakira Marshall, has been credited with coining the name 'Afrosoca' for her dance class in 2012. She did this in order to describe the unique fusion of Western, Southern and Central African, and Caribbean dance styles she was teaching.


Afroswing is a British genre developed in London in 2014. This genre is also called “Afrobashment”.  Afroswing combines Afrobeats, British dancehall, R&B, grime, hip-hop and trap. 

An Expert in vocal melodies and rap analysis, Martin Connor described the characteristics of Afroswing as having, “...the inspirations of Jamaican music in the rhythm except Jamaican music doesn’t have a bass kick and the snare – that’s hip hop, that’s traditional rap. So this is that translation of cultures happening subtly in the instrumentation. Yet it still has a hip hop sensibility in terms of lyrical focus and music videos: cars, money, authenticity, hardness".

This genre has been quite successful in the United Kingdom. British rapper, J Hus and producers Jae5, Blairy Hendrix, Joshua Beatz have been credited for pioneering the new sound. 


Bakoso which originally means “Party” is a genre that originated from Cuba. 

In the mid-2010s, Bakoso emerged from Cuba. The Influence of African Students with local Cuban artists in with different genres from their respective countries like Afrobeats, Afrohouse, Semba and kuduro from Angola brought about Bakoso.

An artist named "Inka" has been credited with coining the name of the genre.


French rapper, MHD, coined this genre based on his West-African origin. He brought in traditional music and languages like Fula or Wolof into rap. 

This genre has since spread across Europe especially in Germany where artists like Bonez MC and RAF Camora are pushing this genre though from the dancehall angle than afrobeats.

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