Six (6) Classic Afrobeats Songs From 2004

by Dikos Nestaa

,2Baba,2Shotz,Eedris Abdulkareem,Tony Tetuila,,

The year 2006 produced Afrobeats RnB songs that are classics but you can call it the year of TuBaba. If you want to check out Afrobeats lyrics and meaning of these songs, we've got you covered. 

1. African Queen by 2Face 

2Face gave us a timeless love song. From the worded lyrics to the simple yet electrifying video and his beautiful voice. African Queen is an all-time favourite till date. African Queen portrays Afrobeats in a beautiful light, a captivating Afrobeats lyrics that praise the beauty of African women.

2. Nfana Ibaga by 2Baba 

This was indeed a wonderful year for 2Baba as this song was also a hit to all and sundry. 'Nfana Ibaga' meaning no problem in his native language was a song that put 2Baba in the limelight because he expressed how he felt about people trying to bring his music down but he would remain focused to make it in the industry. Do you remember those weird dance moves? 

3. E go better by Tony Tetuila

This song is a message from Tony Tetuila to the government and her representative saying they should make things better. 'E go better' means "It will be better". This Afrobeats song is still relevant till this day, it's a great source of encouragement for not just Nigerians but anybody that is losing hope.

4. Delicious by Big Lo Featuring 2 Shotz

This song is a remix of 'Delicious' previously released bt Big Lo but the remix became popular. The song is basically saying girls are delicious based on how they looked. This Afrobeats song uses a lot of pidgin English. The artistes tell each other about women they've encountered and how they find them attractive.

5. Jaga Jaga by Eedris AbdulKareem

'Jaga Jaga' was released by Eedris to address the situation of Nigeria. He speaks about how the poor are suffering and people are being killed. The song caused a stir among Nigerians at the time of the release and the then President banned the song. It didn't deter people from playing and singing the song. 

6. Ole by 2Baba

This song is about unreciprocated love. He was asking the lady to let him know if she loved him and should let him know if she's also interested. 'Ole' means 'Theif'. He is calling the lady a thief for stealing his heart. This song resonated with a lot of young people especially those that were nursing a feeling that is yet to be reciprocated. 

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