Seven (7) Unforgettable Afrobeats Songs of the Year 2000

by Dikos Nestaa


The year 2000 was the start of a new millennium and also a wave of new music.  

For Afrobeats, the year 2000 featured great hits from artists that are now legends in the industry.  

Here’s a list of seven hit songs in no particular order from the millennium year. 

1. Plenty Nonsense by Trybesmen  

ElDeee the Don, Freestyle the Shogun and Kaboom the Detonator made up the Trybesmen. “Plenty Nonsense” is telling a story about the struggle of Nigerians every day. 

2. Konko Below by Lagbaja  

Talk about the introduction of the old school twerking, Lagbaja is a masked artist that sang mostly highlife from mid 90’s into the 00s. Konko Below was a hit due to the dance that involves bending your back, putting your hand on your knees and shaking your bum. 


3. Mathematics by Sound Sultan 

The year 2000 introduced us to Sound Sultan with his classic hit ‘Mathematics’. The witty song addressed democracy in Nigeria. The song went on to become a kid-friendly song and was sang in most homes.  

4. Crisis by African China 

African China spoke openly about the consequences of discord and the killings of innocent people in Nigeria especially in Ajegunle, a slum in Lagos.  

5. You is the One by Azadus 

Azadus warmed his way into the heart of Nigerians with this love song coupled with the fact that his sound was different. The song stood out and got a lot of airplay.  

6. Gra Gra by Lagbaja  

The Millennium year was Lagbaja’s year no doubt. ‘Gra Gra’ was a song of warning that quickly made it rounds among Nigerians. ‘Gra gra’ is the impatience to wait for your turn.  

7. "1er Gaou" by Magic System 

‘1er Gaou’ by Ivorian artists, Magic System, was the most popular song of the year 2000 all over Africa. This song is a true story of the lead singer about his ex-girlfriend who left him when he had nothing but wanted to come back when he became famous. The title literally means "First Fool" in Ivorian slang.  

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