Hallelujah Again (Revelation 19:3


Hallelujah Again (Revelation 1...

Artist:     Nathaniel Bassey

Release Date    Apr 02, 2021

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About “Hallelujah Again (Revelation 19:3”

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Gospel music minister, Nathaniel Bassey releases a new album titled “Hallelujah Again“

“Hallelujah Again” is a power packed album which contains songs of gratitude, high praise, celebration, adoration. intimacy, intercession, meditation, edification and victory!.

The 14 track album features the likes of Sinach, Ada Ehi, Chandler Moore, Victoria Orenze and more..

Revelation 19:3 is the bible reference for the “Hallelujah Again” album, it reads; And again they said, Alleluia And her smoke rose up for ever and ever.

Talking about the album, he said; “Hallelujah Again is based on Revelation 19:3 which speaks about the the victory over other great wall, a celebration of victory in heaven. The good news for you is that regardless of what you’re going through it’s going to end in praise, you will shout hallelujah again”

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