Who is Laycon?


Who is Laycon?

Artist:     Laycon

Release Date    Apr 02, 2020

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About “Who is Laycon?”

Created by Marvel 1 year ago

“Who is Laycon” is the second EP by young Nigerian singer/emcee Laycon. A perfect mash-up of rap, Afrobeats & pop cuts gives us a window into his versatility and skill. This audio journey of sorts sees Laycon open up about creative conflict, love and street cred. Already a buzzing name in the Nigerian new wave Hip-hop/Afrobeats scene with his previous releases, this E.P features collaborations with in-demand producers like Echo the Guru on ‘Come with me’ and QueBeat on ‘Fierce’. ‘Who is Laycon’ is filled with equal doses of dance-able and quotable moments