The African Gentleman (Deluxe Edition)


The African Gentleman (Deluxe ...

Artist:     Ric Hassani

Release Date    Aug 31, 2017

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About “The African Gentleman (Deluxe Edition)”

Created by oyafemi2 1 year ago

This looks like an album that has delivered everything that represents or explains art in music. It no doubt checks the versatility box. The likes of Mumba Yachel and Cabo Snoop made sure of that. Whatever your view about the future of Alternative sounds and its sub-genres is, it should definitely appear brighter if you are looking at it from “The African Gentleman” side of things.

Each composition on his latest work ooze of sheer excellence, holding promises of better things to come. But the hopeless romantic among his fans will certainly be giving more thumbs to 'Police' which can be regarded as having the most depth on his latest depository.