Enjoy Your Life
Enjoy Your Life


Enjoy Your Life

Artist:     Lady Donli

Release Date    Aug 09, 2019

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About “Enjoy Your Life”

Created by Topceejoseph 1 year ago

ENJOY YOUR LIFE sounds exactly as the name implies. The album embodies what Lady Donli is — fun, feminine , soulful & Nigerian t- and is sprinkled with samples of Nigerian classics.

In the Nigerian parlance, ‘Enjoy Your Life’ is a timeless colloquialism that conveys either appreciation, dreams or cynicism.

To 'enjoy your life,’ you need a myriad of positive factors to align. What Donli has done here is give her listeners a 37-minute experience that documents the those necessary factors; money, a good time (party, food and happiness), peace, dance, love, sex, great music (presumably for every kind of situation), and positivity.