Dyesek is a first of its kind music social platform in the African space for translating and annotating Afro beats and African songs in all entireties.

Every song has a story that needs to be told, this platform allows users to interact with other users while understanding the lyrics, background context of slangs and words used within a song as well as giving users the opportunity to translate and annotate songs.

Our focus is to provide our users with English Lyrics translations and context to African songs.

Utilizing the intelligence of our platform users will be able to search their favorite non English words, slangs, phrases used in songs and immediately get the English meaning as well as some background context.

Our goal for the dyesek community is to become an influential force where musicians sign up to discuss and "dyesek" their favorite songs with fans around the world. Due to the collective music intelligence, we have the best lyrics and Knowledge base for Afro beat songs on the internet.

The in-house creative team at dyesek spotlights the stories behind the lyrics that matter most through their ‘dyesek Lyrics’ show which gets behind the lyrics and dissects our users favorite Afrobeats songs.

Utilizing information from the music community we transform insider knowledge into videos, events, in-depth features, breaking news coverage, and a variety of music knowledge content for the masses.

DYESEK is about preserving the African culture through music


How does dyesek work?

Dyesek is the ultimate source of music knowledge, created by music professors like you who share facts and insights about the songs and artists they love. How can you get involved?

Sign up for a dyesek account

You'll get your own profile page and the ability to follow other users and artists. Once you have an account, you can start adding knowledge and earning dyesek points…

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What are dyesek points?
Scholarlistic points are what we call the points you earn by adding knowledge. Every scholar has a total IQ number next to their name that represents how knowledgeable they are

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How Can I add knowledge?

1) Translate songs lyrics: Translate non-English portion of African lyrics into plain and simple to understand english

2) Annotate Lyrics: Highlight any line in a song to start an annotation. Explain what a complicated lyric means, or add other interesting context.

3) Write Artist, Song & Album Bios: Write a few paragraphs that tell the story of an artist's career, or break down the key details of a specific song or album.

4) Annotate Cover Artwork: Click through artwork found on any album page to start a cover art annotation

5) Add Song Facts: Do you know who produced a song? What sample it uses? Where it was recorded? Add all the interesting data.

6) Transcribe Lyrics: Any scholar can add a song page. Post new lyrics when a song drops, add old songs we’re missing, or correct lyrics.

7) Make A Suggestion or Propose An Edit: Could an annotation or bio be improved? Tell us what's missing and it could get integrated.

8) Ask or Answer A Question With Q&A: Anyone can ask the Genius community a question. Want to know where a song peaked on the charts? Ask away! Know the answer and want to tell us? Let us (and the world) know.